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This forum is dedicated to all africans around the world, by UPAM

Jumuiya/ Entertainment

Jumuiya / Entertainment

Jokes Etc : Riddles and jokes that fellow Kenyans can appreciate. (1 topics)
TV/Movies : Local television programmes, local and foreign movies available in Kenya Free to air satellite TV, etc. Technology talk.(1 topics)
Music/Radio : Talk about your favorite songs, music albums, artists and bands.(1 topics)
Celebrities : Celebrity obsession, Nollywood gossip, Hollywood, Bollywoodetc.(1 topics)
Fashion : Buy/sell clothes & accessories. Advertise your fashion/makeup/beauty services. Clothes, dresses, make-up routines, and modeling(1 topics)
Events : Birthdays, Weddings, other Occasions. Planning, Announcement, Gifts.(1 topics)
Sports : Athletics,football,Rugby union and many more(1 topics)
Gaming : Welcome to the world of computer, Internet, video, and board games. Xbox, PS2, Chess, whatever! (1 topics)
Forum Games : Play various addictive forum games with fellow members of kenyans247(1 topics)
Literature : Writers for hire, writers wanted, books for sale, etc.(1 topics)
Theatre/Comedy : a place for actors , commedians and all theater artists(1 topics)
Gossip : All celebrity gossip and photos goes here(1 topics)
Photography : for photographers and like minded individuals etc(1 topics)
Poetry : Much of Kenyan songs and poems lyrics and many more drop them here (1 topics)
Lifestyle : Discussions Tips and info on beauty, fashion, travel, health, sex, love and everything else you need to live a fuller and happier life.(1 topics)
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by sacv. Post & 42 Views. Thu May 2020 07:08am
by demo. Post & 91 Views. Mon Mar 2020 04:16pm
We warn all Africans not to acquire or search for used clothing
by demo. Post & 83 Views. Mon Mar 2020 04:48pm
Accreditation of Journalists in Kenya full guide
by jumuiya. Post & 45 Views. Mon Mar 2020 03:15pm
What are the 10 best things you have done in your life?
by demo. Post & 46 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:52am
GIVE ME A PEN Give me a pen and I shall write.
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7 Common Travel Photography Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
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Photos Of The Popular DJ Who Was Allegedly Shot By Babu Owino
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Famous comedians who owe their success to Churchill raw
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Wise words: Interesting (best) Quotes | Misemo yenye hekima ndani yake
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Forum Games Chat Thread - A Thread For All Fun Lovers
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List of betting sites in Kenya with high winning odds 2020
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Jose Mourinho almost 'divorced' wife for a Kenyan lady
by demo. Post & 63 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:24am (demo)
Event Planners, Pls Update Your Contacts.
by demo. Post & 150 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:52am (demo)
The Best Way To Get Longer Eyelashes
by demo. Post & 76 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:11am
From Ksh2.4M Salary to Selling Her Shoes for Food
by demo. Post & 51 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:25am
by demo. Post & 40 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:34am
How To apply for accreditation as a journalist in Kenya
by demo. Post & 81 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:21am
Other relationships as compared to African relationships
by demo. Post & 43 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:21am
Trends That Will Dominate the Real Estate Sector in 2020
by demo. Post & 73 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:14am
Some Great Benefits Of Doing Digital Marketing Course
by demo. Post & 51 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:29am
IPhones vs Samsung, Which One Should I Go For?
by demo. Post & 119 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:12am (demo)
Court Blocks Magoha's Decision on UoN Vice-Chancellor
by demo. Post & 104 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:26am (demo)
Meet Glue-Sniffing Streetboy Who Became Pilot
by demo. Post & 104 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:40am
How much time does it take you to complete one drawing?
by demo. Post & 76 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:42am
How To Share Your Real Time Location To Your Contacts Via Android
by demo. Post & 59 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:57am (demo)
How to Create an Organizational Chart in PowerPoint
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Crossy road on Amazon Fire stick, Pacman has no background?
by demo. Post & 71 Views. Sun Mar 2020 09:03am
How can i get rid of blue screen on android phone
by demo. Post & 40 Views. Sun Mar 2020 09:21am
What are the interest rates on KCB M-PESA loans?
by demo. Post & 90 Views. Sun Mar 2020 09:48am (demo)
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