Moroccan Security Seizes 9.5 Tonnes Of Cannabis


The Moroccan security aborted during the last two days three smuggling operations, and seized 9.5 tonnes of cannabis.

According to a statement by the Moroccan police on Saturday, 2.360 tonnes of cannabis were seized and one individual was arrested near the city of Ksar El-Kebir.

Two cars allegedly used to smuggle drug shipments were also seized.

In a second operation at the northern port of Nador, customs officers seized on Friday 2.380 tonnes of cannabis concealed in nine containers of mineral shipments intended for export.

In the same city of Nador, police thwarted on Thursday an international drug trafficking operation, and seized 4.762 tonnes of cannabis.

Police also seized equipment and logistical material used in international drug trafficking, an inflatable boat and two outboard motors.

Despite efforts to crack down on cannabis cultivation during the past decade, Morocco remains one of the world's largest producers of the narcotic plant, according to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

Moroccan security services seized a total of 217 tonnes of cannabis in 2020, an increase of 37 tonnes compared to 2019, according to official statistics.


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