Why Is South Africa So Violent?

South Africa, is a beautiful country, probably the most developed country in Africa in terms of infrastructure.

Today I saw this video clip. A very disturbing video clip of a foreigner in South Africa being burned. The guy struggled, he tried to run but he fell down just a after a single step. He managed to stand up and made one more step and then he fell down. Then all he could do was to try to swing his hand with the hope of putting off the fire, but the speed of the hand slowed down and eventually it wasn't moving. The dude who was recording that clip and other south Africans who were watching, they were all shouting in happiness.

Anyways I tried to understand why the south Africans are so violent because they claim that the foreigners are taking away their jobs.

I blame the apartheid regime. South Africa was the first African country to obtain independence. But during the apartheid regime, black South Africans were not given any form of formal education. Only a few ones managed to get good education. Now when the apartheid regime came to an end and a few Boers left the country, many job opportunities were opened for the black South Africans but the problem is they lacked good education requirement to fill such positions which in turn started attracting people from Other countries which had started facing unemployment.

Now in the early 2000s when most African countries started facing high rates of unemployment, some due to really high population like Nigeria. Most of them ended up flooding in South Africa. Now lets go back to the 90’s when the apartheid regime had come to an end, it meant most Black South Africans now could access normal education like the Boers so by simple Mathematics it meant they will start getting out of colleges in large numbers by around 2006. But now a single Nigerian/Somali/Ghanaian/Kenyan etc had moved to South Africa in the 90s and got a good job or opened a good business easily and called more people from his country to come since opportunities are there and by around 2006 on wards most South Africans started having problems of not getting jobs and the fight against foreigners began.

I watched a video clip of a south African Minister saying that a city in South Africa is occupied by 80% foreigners thus foreigners must go.

The Education thing also caused some violence in South Sudan before the civil war began. If at all you know the history of south sudan,most of them had no access to good education like their peers in the north. Even after gaining independence, they enrolled under the Kenyan education system, so again most foreigners flooded their for jobs. The local people started mistreating them and a few months before the civil war, the South Sudan government announced the replacement of all the foreign workers with the local ones.


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