Is China Colonizing Asia And Africa?

No, I don’t think China is colonizing Africa or Asia.

In recent years, news coverage on China and its activities abroad have peaked. Two recurring themes you’ll usually find in these reports however, are:

China is an aggressor (in Asia).
And China is a colonizer or gaining too much influence in Africa.
The first one may appear true, though not completely. But the other is so much an exaggeration.

Although China has been investing heavily in Africa for over a decade now, it has never used these investments as a bargaining chip the same way the Western nations use foreign aid to influence other nations. Now that fact maybe surprising, considering the fact that a typical imperialists always looks for leverage which it can use to dominate and hold peripheral nations to ransom. In Africa, China has built roads, constructed rail roads, built hospitals and also helped to supply needed goods, though heavily substandard. In Congo, China had sought to invest heavily in the country’s extractive industries so as to export mineral resources back to China. In return, China planned to build hospitals, roads, and develop educational facilities across that country.

This seemingly win-win situation has never been bargained by any imperialist. Imperialists always want to maximize resources and generate enough profit. Imperialists never think about developing the capacity of peripheral nations, but always looks for how to exploit it. This sets China apart from being an imperialist.

Also, China knows what it means to be colonized, so it never aspires to do it to others. A critical reason why China and Japan don’t go along is because how much victimization China suffered in the hands of the Japanese in the first half of the 20th century. and prior to that, China suffered during the Opium War in the hands of the British. So, even though China is nearly on par with the US, and can engage in as much colonial exploits as the British and the French had, China doesn’t want to. instead, it sees itself as part of the Global South. and supports all measures to develop the Global South. You’ll find the Chinese being instrumental at the G77 and and other “Pan-Global South” engagements.

Additionally, the influence the Chinese are seeming to exert in Africa is devoid of any ideological consideration beyond economic interests. China doesn’t want to control Congolese mines so it can turn the country to its periphery in regional and global affairs. But it does this so this so that resources which these mines possess are accessible to Chinese consumption as dictated by the laws of demand and supply. Even the Americans and its Western allies have complained about this, and it really does defy realist logic.

And besides, not all Chinese investments in Africa have been successful. Some of them have actually fared worse than the Chinese had expected as peculiar African realities affected the realization of these projects.

So no, China is not colonizing Africa or Asia in any way. In Africa it simply wants to get the resources it wants devoid of any other ideological consideration. And in Asia, it simply keeps a tough looking poses to discourage erstwhile transgressors like Japan and avoid the weakness it projected in the past that made it vulnerable to attacks by Japan and the British.


RE: Is China colonizing Asia and Africa?

So, what is the future plan of China investing heavily in Africa, I think is a question needed to look at.

Y won't they just invest in theirs, I think because Africa has many natural resources and I believe everyone wants to get it pack from Africa one way or another.

Maybe China invest is not seen as that but Africa needs to be more careful about it.


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Is China Colonizing Asia And Africa? Is China Colonizing Africa?

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