What Would It Take To Unite Africa As One Country? Is It Even Possible, Given The Conditions There?

There is not one answer here that I have not heard before. First I think some have a westernized view of Unification and that is what scares them most. There is a fear that unification means the lost of sovereign identity and independence and it does not have to mean that. Unity does not have to be Unison. There has been a great interest in Africa and an agenda to keep Africa divided. Because as long as it is divided it is dependent on foreign aide and vulnerable to manipulation and force. A United Africa will have to be a new government, a new nation of nations. A conglomerate of democratically elected officials who''s reach can not go beyond the demands or needs of the people. Africa has the right to define UNITY for herself and the diaspora alike. We musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger. We must lay aside our egos and see the bigger picture that has kept foreign powers in fear of the rise of Africa. Why has foreign powers tried so hard to have Africa in it's control under it's demand. To wipe it's people off the globe. Foreign powers, the same ones who barter off the coasts of Africa, used eugenics to stop the multiplication of Africans. Foreign powers do not see Africans as an individualized world, they see us a united threat of predecessors whom they must wipe out in order to keep their hold on global influence. They fear the moment that we do not yet understand. The moment that global Africans realize a shared destiny, a shared lineage that WILL unite us in a way that WE shall discuss, discover and define. We shall create a new world of peace and prosperity for the citizens of Africa. We shall have one military that will make all others bow down. And the goal of our military is not start unnecessary wars, but to protect our peoples, our resources, our history. Where has the hero of Africa been? He has been lost in the annuls of stolen history. He has been lost in the pillages of the Europeans. He has been the lost in the lies of separation. The great help and hope of Africa, the great hero of Africa, is AFRICA HERSELF. She must awaken and realize that we are stronger together. The diasporic Africans are realizing that their stations are not their homes. We do not belong to America, we do not belong to Europe, we belong to Africa! And as we are awakening, there is a prophetic push to invest in Africa and partner with our brothers and sisters in Africa, to break the barriers created by colonialism and rediscover ourselves. I long for the day that we are no longer divided, but the day that we are a united people. A prospering people. A protected people. And a thriving people. That unification will not take place over night, but it is absolutely possible as long as we are willing to dream for it. And I am. And I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Africa will rise in all of her beauty, and she will lay claim to everything that has been stolen. In America, there is a great push for the american-born, Africans to think of Africa. For Africa to be on the mind. To learn more about Africa and it's 54 countries who have fault bravely and independently for their current version of independence. And we are saying, you do not have to fight alone. We are coming home in spirit, in consciousness, in finances and in faith. We are coming home! Let's reclaim our destiny, our history and our inheritance! #AfricaOnMyMind


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What Would It Take To Unite Africa As One Country? Is It Even Possible, Given The Conditions There?

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