What's Africa Really Like?

Africa is a huge continent made up of 53 countries, and over 1billion people. There are 1000s of languages spoken on the continent and 100s if not 1000s of ethnic groups as well.Each ethnic group has its culture and traditions that makes it totally distinct and different from the other ethnic groups. The land mass is huge and you can get thick dense rain forest as well as dry hot deserts. 1000s of water bodies including lakes, rivers etc. There are a huge animal population on the continent,so beautiful and distinct.

There are very big and well developed cities with skyscrappers like any developed city in USA (New York city pop: 8million, Lagos, Nigeria:13million)Infrastructures are like any other continent(countries). Beautiful natural scenery which is unparalleled. Abundant natural resources that has been exported to build countries around the world. There are billionaires as well as millionaires just like any continent.

With google, you can find all that I have written and more. I am not sure if that is what you are looking for. But the Africa I know is a place which is so culturally and morally in depth, so rich in family values and much care for each other. In Africa, it takes a village to raise a child, because everybody wants to contribute their quota to the well being of the child. In Africa, family knows each other and care so much that if you do not have a place to stay,family members can get you a place to stay,cloth you and feed you as well. This and many more make the Africa I know. A beautiful place,so ill informed and so miss-represented.Africa is more than what is shown in the news, more than what the books say and much much more than what the economics present.


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What's Africa Really Like?

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