Does Africa Have Internet?

I’d like to answer the question from a slightly different perspective to that which has been dealt with by many on this thread.

The simple answer is… Yes, all 54 different sovereign countries within the CONTINENT of AFRICA have internet. BUT many areas within many of these independent countries do not have ACCESS to the internet. Many people within the many COUNTRIES within AFRICA are not computer literate and even though their respective countries may have internet, many areas do not have access to this internet service. And even in areas where there is access to internet service and that have ISP’s (Internet Service Providers), many people do not even know how to use a computer. And then although many have basic knowledge they do not either have sufficient skills to access the internet or that they simply cannot afford the ISP fees, cell phones, equipment and computers required.

Let’s get the most common mistake rectified… AFRICA IS A CONTINENT AND NOT A COUNTRY. The continent of Africa consists of 54 independent sovereign COUNTRIES and two as yet not officially recognized as sovereignly independent (these are all countries and not to be confused with STATES). Most African countries are very poor and most of the peoples of the combined countries within AFRICA are very poor, can’t afford computers or cell phones, can’t afford the costs of ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) or data fees and then many also do not have the basic skills to operate computers or how to access and use the internet. Aprox 60% of combined people (of a total of aprox 1.3 billion) in the 54 Countries within Africa DON’T have access to the internet… and due mainly to poverty, lack of adequate infrastructure and lack of education. And albeit that all 54 countries do have internet. This is a shame.

AFRICA is a continent and not a single country. What many people fail to comprehend is that the usual world maps you see online and in books DO NOT correctly represent the actual sizes of the seven continents. AFRICA is actually the second largest continent but is represented as being smaller than the CONTINENT of NORTH AMERICA. The whole of NORTH AMERICA can fit into AFRICA with lots of room to spare.

Now, perhaps for those who still don’t understand the difference between continents and countries… a continent is a huge land mass (there are 7 continents), for example look at a world map and see these 7 continents (listed largest to smallest)… Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia. You will note that the represented map sizes do not match the actual sizes provided in the list above.

Now look at the continent of NORTH AMERICA. This huge land mass (only the 3rd largest continent by the way) consists of 23 official independent countries. Each of these countries have huge differences and cultures and are hugely diffent from the USA and as well as compared to the other 23 countries. Lets list the countries in NORTH AMERICA…

Antigua and Barbuda
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago
United States of America (USA)
CANADA is the largest country in NORTH AMERICA. And the United States of America (USA) is the second largest and has 50 official independent STATES (often two other territories are called independent states), BUT all of these STATES fall under the sovereignty of the single COUNTRY of the USA which is governed by a single elected government and its PRESIDENT. Even though each STATE within the USA has representative governance (headed by Senators) and although many have slightly different laws (gun and marriage laws for eg), all of these 50 STATES are governed and answerable to ONE SINGLE COUNTRY (USA) and its single PRESIDENT.

AFRICA, like NORTH AMERICA is a CONTINENT (Africa being the second largest continent). ASIA is the largest continent in the world. AFRICA is larger than NORTH AMERICA and therefore obviously much larger than the COUNTRY of the USA.

AFRICA has the most sovereign independent countries in the world… I.E. 54 individual sovereign countries. Many of these 54 countries have separate states and in the case of the country of the Republic of SOUTH AFRICA (RSA) has 9 different PROVINCES (same as STATES) and all of these provinces fall under the governance of one single government and president of the RSA.

In the RSA, Republic of South Africa, although we have internet access and ISPs and many people enjoy this commonplace access (luxury), most of the people are poor and simply cannot afford this basic access. Some provinces are poorer than others. And with this poverty comes less quality education, less literacy, less computer literacy, less computer skills, less internet infrastructure (cables) and cell phone radio masts, less financial access to computers/smart phones and therefore limited to no internet access for many people in the Republic of South Africa.


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