Africa is in deep crises, since the independence period the African states have been struggling with various crises leading to social and economic instability. Despite all the effort and methods developed so far to alleviate the level of suffering, the situation seems to be out of control of Africans themselves. If the question is why? The answer is simply because Africans have not yet tried the African solution.

First of all, we have been trying different solutions according to our tribes, languages, nationalities and territories, based on our microscopic contextualisation of the predicament of Africa. Sometimes, our individual solutions were based on the selfish idea of seeing ourselves developing better than other African countries, but the reality of our people at grassroots level remains alarming. The reason is, there is no Nigerian solution, or Ghanaian, South African, Congolese solution, but there is only the African solution.

Essentially, if we are still looking for individual solutions based on our individual countries it is because we have not yet properly analysed the root of our various problems. Also, because we have been indoctrinated to fall in love with the drawing on the African map that have created the concepts of us versus them in our minds.

In reality, the territorial limitations we have today is the creation, not of Africans but of Europeans imperialist in Berlin conference 1884-1885. The outcome of that conference in which not a single African attended was the new face of Africa that we have embraced, which has created many divisions amongst us.

In fact, the Europeans divided Africa for two reasons, one was to dominate and another was to exploit. Firstly, you cannot rule a people that is united until you create division and set one part against another, so that you can come as the one who brings peace and development. Secondly, when you have succeeded with your agenda to dominate a people, you will easily exploit them and their resources, and that has been the result of our countries they are only serving European interest.

Clearly, if our countries or borders that we are protecting and defending were created only for European interest, it means that every time we defend these borders we are actually serving the European’s interest. Every problem in life is solved through the process of questions and answer, the first question to Africans regarding our borders is, what did we produce so far of great impact within our individual countries, divisions and borders? The answer is, not more than tribalism, afrophobia and conflicts.

Therefore, it is time for us to look for the African solution instead of individual solutions that have not impact on our predicament, but only serve the interest of Europeans. The African solution will have more impact on our challenges, because it will start by addressing the core of our difficulties. Africa is at the time of danger and opportunity, our survival as a people depends on decision that we make today about the direction in which we take ourselves. One thing we shall never do is to pass on to our children the same European heritage of division and exclusion amongst ourselves.

Take part to this great movement (ACUP) and let us build our common destiny.



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