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Integrating Dropzone.js into existing HTML form with other fields
scott asked 2 yrs ago answers 0 views 748 votes 0

I currently have a HTML form which users fill in details of an advert they wish to post. I now want to be able to add a dropzone for uploading images of the item for sale.

I have found Dropzone.js which seems to do most of what I need. However, when looking into the documentation, it appears that you need to specify the class of the whole form as dropzone (as opposed to just the input element). This then means that my entire form becomes the dropzone.

Is it possible to use the dropzone in just part of my form, i.e. by only specifying the element as class "dropzone", rather than the whole form?

I could use separate forms, but I want the user to be able to submit it all with one button.

Alternatively, is there another library that can do this?

Many thanks

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