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By far the continent least known by people (there are too many people who think that Africa is a country!) in this forum, the diversity of Africa will be revealed.

Below is a collage of South Africa alone. In other parts of Africa, there is even more diversity when it comes to various factors, such as language (Democratic Republic of the Congo) or religion (Togo).

Home to the world’s largest amount of languages, very diverse religious traditions and interpretations, and thousands of different ethnic groups, the continent of Africa is a place that many are eager to learn more about, so we hope that you will on here!

For the politically invested, there will also be news updates on various parts of Africa, and politics will definitely be looked at. There was just an election in Nigeria, and the South African election is coming up and is very underreported on in the West. Earlier this year, the Democratic Republic of the Congo had an extremely important election too.

Africa is a CONTINENT and it is home to 55 countries!

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Welcome again to Wake Up Africa!

Must read

Are Igbos in Nigeria mixed race?
There are ZERO European or Asian genes in the Igbo people from any of the modern-day populations. And If you think light skin equates to admixture with Europeans/Asians, you are grossly misinformed. Some of the Hausas in Northern Nigeria have a paternal line of Y-DNA R1b that entered Africa just 3,700 years ago from the Middle East, and are much darker-skinned than Igbos; yet they carry 15–20% of these North African/Middle Eastern people. Even the blue-black South Sudanese tribes often show 15% North African /Middle Eastern admixture.

In fact, Hausas also have Y-DNA E1b1b, which actually indicates an origin from an ancient people that lived in North Africa who are probably now extinct, most likely, they were the Iberomaurusians who were also very dark-skinned (but I will talk about the Iberomaurusians nearer to the end).

On the topic of skin color - the fact that the Hausa people are very diverse in their haplogroups, are Afroasiatic speakers and carry the R1b Y-DNA, you will expect them to be much lighter-skinned right? Wrong. This is a testament to the fact that any type of ‘racial’ admixture between homo sapiens does not always reflect in the skin color. No doubt, a good portion of the ancestors of early modern humans were black-skinned. After all, humanity began in South-Central Africa, spread out of Africa, with a few migrants returning back to Africa.

After reading this article, you will have a good idea as to ‘WHO’ West Africans ‘REALLY’ are. Also, if you are an African reading this article, you will better understand why certain conflicts are taking place in the region.

Bear in mind that there are certain forces working hard to hide the TRUE history of West Africans for both economic and political purposes.


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