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Is It Bad To Date My Sister's House Help?

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Is It Bad To Date My Sister's House Help?
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Is It Bad To Date My Sister's House Help? by Demo(m): Sun Mar 2020 09:32am
Am a fresh graduate that just got a job with a private organisation. Last month I was transferred from our headquarters to one of our branches here in Akure, Ondo State.

I stay in my elder sister's house right now cos I moved in last year December but have met with an agent who promise to get me a good apartment soonest.

To cut my story short, my sister has a house girl/lady which was so caring to me. Am 29yrs and still single not that I have never dated before, just that it never worked well while I was in school.

The house maid of my sister is 25yrs and a school cert holder but due to some reasons she couldn't further her education but still willing if she can get help.

She's a pretty, caring, very neat and also intelligent. And my sister also takes her as a sister not an house help.

Lastly weekend, my sister came back from an event and saw me and her catching some fun (I mean gisting and playing games) in the house and she got provoked.

She called me in and asked what is the relationship between me and her but I told her the basic truth that though we are just friends but I wish I could date her and my sister shouted on me NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even when am alive.

Now I keep asking my self some question;
Is house help not a human being?
Is it a crime in dating/marry them?
Is it a crime for a graduate to marry non graduate/illiterate ?

Please help a brother cos am in love with her.
Thank you.

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» Is It Bad To Date My Sister's House Help?

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