Dear Kenyans

Be updated.

H.E Raila Odinga doesn't keep Uhuru park at his Karen Home or Opoda farm at his Riat Home. He doesn't walk with Nairobi streets, Eldoret town, Kiambu roads, Nakuru streets, Baragoi village, Gikomba market ,Kisumu streets and any other open public places at his pockets.

Go to the street, call for maandamano at Uhuru Park and other places to say "UhuRuto toka nje Baba aingie coz tulifanya mistake kuwapigia Kura.." if truly you're men or strong women of this beloved country.

Raila Odinga doesn't sign govt loan, doesn't pay workers, teachers, hotel management and sports sectors. If you feel agrieved, angered and tied with this UhuRuto govt, please direct all your arsenals and negative energies to Iebc headquarters, Ruto's Sugoi home and Uhuru's statehouse.

Kindly, don't disturb Baba. He's still resting. He's recovering. He's taking notes. He's still at Bondo where you wanted him to be taken.

Troop your members to the street kama unafeel shortchanged. There's nowhere written in the constitution that Raila Odinga or his supporters or Jaramogi family members will be in opposition for the rest of their lives since 1966. It's now over 50yrs in opposition.

Even in the Bible, people were in the wilderness for lesser days than us ,Baba's diehards. Its other people's turn to fight for Kenyans if you can't acknowledge what we've been doing.

H.E Raila Amollo Odinga, please relax. Go to the Gymnasiums and give Mama Ida attention ya kutosha. When you give us signal we'll follow.


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Dear Kenyans

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