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Jumuiya/ Science-Technology

Jumuiya / Science-Technology

Programing : Software programming, development of applications..Software for sale, programming ebooks, programmers wanted, etc. (1 topics)
Webmasters : Website design and development, management of forums, blogs, wikis, and all sorts of websites.(1 topics)
Computers : Personal Computing, etc laptops for sale in Kenya. desktops, computer accessories, Internet modems, etc.laptops for sale in Kenya. desktops, computer accessories, Internet modems, etc..(1 topics)
Phones : Kenyan GSM networks, telephone companies, et cetera. ISPs, Modems, Websites, etc Phones & Accessories For Sale / Adverts (1 topics)
Art, Graphics & Video : Digital Video and Film, Computer Graphics and Animation. Tips, Tricks & Tools. buy/sell cameras, camcorders, graphics/video accessories, etc(1 topics)
Technology Market : Buy and sell Phones, Computers and PC accessories here.(1 topics)
Universities : Forums Topics for all Kenyan universities end up here(1 topics)
Innovation : Creative, innovative ideas and proposals cannot disappear any longer within your company! Creativity With the Innovation Forum you enable your team to notice what is better(1 topics)
Education : Curriculum: what you should know about 2-6-3-3 in Africa and other old systems (1 topics)
Building/Architecture : Kenya is Constructing Highrise buildings post here photos of construction progres and also completed constructions or any substandard work that to feel is not good for the safety of the citizens(1 topics)
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by sacv. Post & 26 Views. Thu May 2020 07:08am
by demo. Post & 73 Views. Mon Mar 2020 04:16pm
We warn all Africans not to acquire or search for used clothing
by demo. Post & 69 Views. Mon Mar 2020 04:48pm
Accreditation of Journalists in Kenya full guide
by jumuiya. Post & 37 Views. Mon Mar 2020 03:15pm
What are the 10 best things you have done in your life?
by demo. Post & 38 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:52am
GIVE ME A PEN Give me a pen and I shall write.
by demo. Post & 68 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:56am
7 Common Travel Photography Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
by demo. Post & 42 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:11am
Photos Of The Popular DJ Who Was Allegedly Shot By Babu Owino
by demo. Post & 49 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:17am
Famous comedians who owe their success to Churchill raw
by demo. Post & 71 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:59am
Wise words: Interesting (best) Quotes | Misemo yenye hekima ndani yake
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Forum Games Chat Thread - A Thread For All Fun Lovers
by demo. Post & 51 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:06am
List of betting sites in Kenya with high winning odds 2020
by demo. Post & 40 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:37am
Jose Mourinho almost 'divorced' wife for a Kenyan lady
by demo. Post & 39 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:24am
Event Planners, Pls Update Your Contacts.
by demo. Post & 95 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:52am (demo)
The Best Way To Get Longer Eyelashes
by demo. Post & 60 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:11am
From Ksh2.4M Salary to Selling Her Shoes for Food
by demo. Post & 39 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:25am
by demo. Post & 31 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:34am
How To apply for accreditation as a journalist in Kenya
by demo. Post & 69 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:21am
Other relationships as compared to African relationships
by demo. Post & 32 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:21am
Trends That Will Dominate the Real Estate Sector in 2020
by demo. Post & 53 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:14am
Some Great Benefits Of Doing Digital Marketing Course
by demo. Post & 35 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:29am
IPhones vs Samsung, Which One Should I Go For?
by demo. Post & 89 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:12am
Court Blocks Magoha's Decision on UoN Vice-Chancellor
by demo. Post & 87 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:26am
Meet Glue-Sniffing Streetboy Who Became Pilot
by demo. Post & 90 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:40am
How much time does it take you to complete one drawing?
by demo. Post & 53 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:42am
How To Share Your Real Time Location To Your Contacts Via Android
by demo. Post & 45 Views. Sun Mar 2020 10:57am
How to Create an Organizational Chart in PowerPoint
by demo. Post & 27 Views. Sun Mar 2020 09:52am
Crossy road on Amazon Fire stick, Pacman has no background?
by demo. Post & 50 Views. Sun Mar 2020 09:03am
How can i get rid of blue screen on android phone
by demo. Post & 34 Views. Sun Mar 2020 09:21am
What are the interest rates on KCB M-PESA loans?
by demo. Post & 63 Views. Sun Mar 2020 09:48am
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